Studio Zocca is a “Mechanical Engineering Solution Provider” with a solid background (1954) and skills to pinpoint solutions for a wide range of applications from the project phase right through the final product.

One of our main targets is to develop weight reduction, looking at alternative components and solutions, thanks to our continuous improvements in Research and Development, looking at Industry 4.0 as guide line of our investments. Please take a look at our new generation 4.0 Test Bench for transmissions and for any question please don’t hesitate to contact us at all.

Technical specifications

  • Electric motor drive: max. input speed 3000 rpm
  • Brake on the output: max. torque 80 Nm


  • The input axis is placed perpendicular to the output axis
  • The two axes (input and output) can be placed in parallel

All kind of gear and gear boxes can be tested. The system can be controlled remotely with a PC, tablet or phone.

The results in terms of speed, torque, temperature are available graphically or as data extraction at the end of the cycle.